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Marketing databases

Over the past years, the system of data storage and data acquisition system as a management information tool is becoming increasingly important . Information is a critical success factor, which makes possible the existence on the market with fierce competition .

Storage system provides the basis for a system to support the implementation of programs to handle large volumes of data and multivariate data analysis (eg, analytical data processing). The multivariate analysis of the data information received from multiple sources can be analyzed and evaluated collectively.

Data collection technology complements runtime support , which automatically recognizes the links between data samples; they combine the methods of classical analysis of the market information with artificial intelligence. From the information gathered in the data storage systems,  new data is created essential  for good governance .

Storage and the collection of information is important for direct marketing coupled with customer relationship management and one-to-one marketing. Since the number of groups of customers with different lifestyles, as well as the number of buyers, with critical approach to buying increases, necessary exists to maintain customer loyalty in order to extend the so-called "life cycle" of the buyer.

Marketing databases are the total centralized database contained information which can be easily, quickly and systematically  used. You can still use all available internal and external data sources and sample relevant information.

Availability of vast variety of marketing databases allows efficiently use own funds for promotion and effectively gain increase in sales.  Subset, selected by any of different criteria's, such as - the type of activity, turnover, staff, company status, the presence of phone, email, export operations, etc. is promptly made on the basis of reliable and timely information.

Marketing database - is a powerful tool that allows you to gain vision of the situation on the market and its segments with respect to your aims.  Access to the databases of such kind is an important component of the success of your business.

Combination of marketing research and access to database of companies can provide a basis on which you can build and develop the most effective strategy for business development. You get a competitive advantage for the consumer as well as reducing costs of inefficient approaches.

In order to focus on the most profitable segments of the market, you may get as many as you wish, subsets in required spheres, thus ensuring increase in targeted sales.

To be able to serve our clients with reasonable prices and excellent results, Professional Partners OU use innovative software and hardware together with extensive network of partners worldwide to ensure that our databases consist of actual and relevant information..

Proper use of information about the borrower or counterparty, which is already present in the market, is greatly useful for reduction of costs for collection.

We provide a complete list of the register of companies in Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Kazakhstan.