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Legal collection

Legal aspects of collection activities

To serve our clients at a high level, we offer wide range of legal services, including legal collection. Debt collection attorney - member of our team negotiates with debtors initiation of lawsuits to collect debts on writs and initiates insolvency procedures. Specialist in debt collection from the company at any stage is able to achieve excellent results, as evidenced by the recommendations of our customers.

Lawyer for Debt Recovery - is a specialist of narrow profile, persistent and result-oriented. Through extensive knowledge of our employees and solid practical experience, we occupy a leading position in the development, selection and implementation of effective and legal methods for dealing with debt.

Specialists of our company always strive to painlessly resolve conflicts for both sides, using only legitimate and effective techniques. Legal services of our company include a full, comprehensive and careful study of the problem. We guarantee individual approach to each client and develop the best strategy to achieve optimal results.

Direction claim

The claim starts the stage of judicial debt collection.

The complaint must specify the basis for the origin of the debt, the amount of debt, calculation of the interest on borrowed funds or penalties specified in the contract. The claim can specify the amount to be recovered may not exceed the amount that was requested in the claim. Increasing the amount of the claim will require additional preparation of documents and surcharges of the state duty.

Claim shall be referred to the legal address of the debtor.

The claim shall specify the period for voluntary repayment of the debt. In case of no transfer of funds or incomplete transfer of funds within the specified period, we can sue in court.  Copies of the documents justifying and supporting demands, should be attached to the claim, or the extracts from them.

Claim is also a kind of a psychological tool to influence the debtor, with the exact calculation of the debt, with reference to the possibility of pre-trial settlement of the dispute with the help of a competent lawyer.


Collecting debts in a situation of bankruptcy we provide standard bankruptcy legal support, including the possibility of criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the abuse, which resulted in losses to lenders- our customers. In some cases, other relevant economic instruments are used (to attracting investors, debt restructuring, distressed assets, etc.), but such situations are relatively rare.      

Court proceedings

The main purpose of this step is to obtain the writ of execution. Client representation and corporate representation in courts are our additional services.

Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement proceedings - the final stage of the civil process in which the competent authorities and officials produce execution of: