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Administration of accounts

Debt Collection. Administration of accounts .

Our service  of accounts administration includes a large amount of paper work that we do for you. 

We are compiling a reminder letter to the debtor of the need to pay by the due date.

If non-payment by the debtor within the prescribed period of time, the next morning we sent the first reminder. We also make a call to the debtor, introducing our company and indicating the reason for the call. We never express threats against the debtor, but still keep a civil and straight-forward tone, to ensure  keeping a positive relationship .

In the absence of payment, we send a second reminder.  While calling, we are interested in the reasons of non-payment  and specify whether the debtor intends to repay the debt . Then we propose to establish a payment schedule, promising to charge.

We recommend at this stage to suspend the provision of all services to the debtor (if this was not done earlier). Warning in writing, containing a link to the amount of time that must elapse before this happens, and a detailed description of the company's policy is directed in advance and before the termination of service for nonpayment .

In the presence of legislation allowing such measures, we may begin accruing interest on borrowed funds or penalties under the contract. It requires knowledge of the law in certain areas, because in many places there are restrictions on the amount of interest.

We have negotiations with the debtor, if we feel  that it may be the only chance to receive payment . With the consent of the client, we can clarify what sum they are prepared (eager and able)to  pay, or offer them a discount, depending on the situation. Sometimes advantageous is to give a substantial discount and never deal with their business, than pay for collectors and lawyers on.

Demand for payment contains references to the account past reports and invoices.

Tone of the letters is never threatening, but always contains a reference to the severe nature of the measures at non-payment on due date or being ignored.

Our service for Administration of accounts allows you to achieve such goals as:

Status reports and payments received are brought to clients on a regular basis .

You can authorize us to do invoice administration without waiting for the development of situations with debtors, but for the ones, not paying their bills. Track of payment invoices will allow your business to remain solvent and competitive.  Debt collection is always difficult and sometimes controversial process.  Professional Partners OU - your trusted company.

We stamp and fill in “due date” for each account, which we send on your behalf. In the presence of your agreement period for payment set either 10 or 15 days.

If payment is not affixed, the counterparty may elect to pay your bills not in the first turn. And if it has insufficient cashflow, it can form deep debt for several months.

We trace all planned reclamation of debt and payments, according to invoices entered into the schedule.

We keep in touch with each company. Separately refining details of the person in charge for making financial decisions, we check, that we have his phone .

We keep records of all contacts with the debtor and equally understand what should be done, when  and that he was asked to do. Determine at what point what action should be taken should be taken. Also have in mind what course of action the company takes after it becomes clear that the debtor is going to get away from the payments.

We register the date and time of calls, letters , and any other communication with the debtor in the event of a lawsuit. The whole cycle of dealing with the debtor, is recorded and have a track during the whole debt collection cicle.

This service includes tracking news of bankruptcy. In case of bankruptcy of the debtor, you can’t send correspondence addressed to the business in respect of their debt. But you need time to assert their claims in court. But the debtor will not pay until the maturity determined by federal court.